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The LexMeta metadata model for lexical resources is also released as Web Ontology Language OWL document, in Turtle format.


LexBib wikibase entities with a P42 "LexMeta OWL equivalent" statement are considered for the export.

  • Their rdf:type is declared using the value of that statement's P166 "rdf:type (OWL) qualifier.
  • If for that statement a P167 "skos:exactMatch" qualifier is found, that is also exported (that tipically points to the FRBR, MetaShare, or BIBO equivalent of the entity, see LexMeta).
  • For classes, "subclass of" (P4), and for properties, "subproperty of" (P169) are also considered.
  • Property "domain" (P168) and "range" (P48) are declared as separate statements, while "range" (in cases where the OWL range expression is complex) can be expressed using a P170 "OWL range expression" qualifier (this is done where the range is a concept scheme, see e.g. P127).
  • Other statements for these entities are exported in case the LexBib wikibase property is also aligned (using P42) to a LexMeta OWL equivalent. The claim value, that is, the value of the wikibase property used in the /prop/direct/ namespace, is what is exported as value for the OWL equivalent property.
    • Statements pointing to other LexBib wikibase items are exported only if the object is also aligned to LexMeta OWL.
    • Other properties are mapped to datatype properties.
    • P2 "Wikidata Entity" statements and the LexBib wikibase entity URI itself are mapped to an object property called "lexmeta:wikibaseEntity".

This method is implemented in a script found here.

The resulting TTL file is found here, from where a HTML documentation is generated using Ontoology.

The HTML documentation is accessible here: http://metashare.ilsp.gr/ontologies/lex-meta/lex-meta/documentation/index-en.html

  • See wikibase properties and classes aligned to props and classes in outside-wikibase namespaces: Query.
  • See instances of these classes that are considered for export: Query.