Dictionaries in LexBib

Initially being meant for LOD-ification of publication metadata, LexBib ontology is now being further developed, so that conceptual-lexical resources (LCR) such as dictionaries can be represented, linked to other LCR through a defined set of properties, and linked to the bibliographical items or other types of distribution that embody them. LexMeta is the working title of a metadata model for lexical resources.

Glottolog Dictionaries

LexBib now contains reference to 8000+ dictionaries imported from the Glottolog Bibliography (items with doctype "Dictionary"). These are represented as LCR (class Q4), and their entity data contains information about "metalanguage" (language the resource has been published) and "object language" (language(s) described in the dictionary), as listed on Glottolog. For Glottolog, that indexation of LCR with languages has been produced computationally using legacy indexations, item titles, etc. (reference), and is not perfect. Besides (frequent) gaps and (infrequent) errors, for bilingual or multilingual dictionaries, the languages represented as "metalanguage" and "object language" are actually a "target language" and/or a "source language". We are ready to start to update these relations manually. Long-term aim is to correct the indexation, and to represent LCR languages for bilingual or multilingual dictionaries as "source language" and/or "target language"; such representation would be compliant with the LexMeta model.

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