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Welcome to LexBib wikibase at Elexis. LexBib is a digital bibliography project for the domain of Lexicography and Dictionary Research (about LexBib). General aims are LOD-ification of publication metadata, and content description of article full texts, as a service to the Lexicographic community. LexBib wikibase brings together LexBib Zotero bibliographical data and a vocabulary of lexicographic terms, LexVoc.

LexBib data, including full texts, is regularly exported to the Elexifinder discovery portal, where it can be conveniently explored (link). Elexifinder offers full text searches for concepts obtained through wikification, combined with categories derived from LexVoc.

If you are looking for publication metadata for download to your own citation manager app, or e.g. as bibtex, go to LexBib Zotero. If you want to discover publications, by searching for authors, languages, or terms, go to Elexifinder. LexBib wikibase data can also be queried in a graphical interface, or accessed using its SPARQL endpoint; single entities and their relations can be downloaded as entity data RDF dump (example).

See what's in the database

The following links lead to simple SPARQL queries on a graphical interface. Queries are executed on the fly by pressing the start button, and results always reflect LexBib wikibase content at that particular point in time. You can modify or combine the queries.

Items and relations

  • All bibliographical items: authors, title, date: Query.
  • Bibliographical items with PDF full text: Query.
  • Authors, and number of (co-)authored publications: Query.
  • Author names and name variants: Query.
  • LexVoc terms: LexBib URI, English labels, and BabelNet URI: Query.
  • Places, and number of relations as "first author location": Query.
  • Natural languages, and number of relations as "publication language": Query.
  • Conferences, and number of associated publications: Query.
  • Journals, and number of articles: Query.
  • Edited volumes (excluding proceedings volumes), and number of contained publications: Query.

LexBib ontology

LexBib items are instances of ontology classes, linked to each other and to literal values, using a set of properties.

  • All properties: label, wikidata equivalent, range: Query.
  • Properties with wikidata alignment: equivalences to other RDF vocabularies. Query.
  • Classes: Query.